Enhancing Quality of Service

·         Accompanying and designing ways to enhance an organization's quality of services.

·         Leading processes for the enhancement of services' quality.

·         Creating service quality forums.

·         Guiding and implementing group improvement in various areas.

·         Advising and personal coaching for managers at different levels.

·         Intra-organizational satisfaction surveys (between various departments) and extra-organizational (customer satisfaction) surveys.

·         Running employee workshops on enhancing quality of service.

·         Running managerial workshops on management and the development of service-enhancing skills, such as: decision-making, negotiation management, managing company meetings, feedback management, assertiveness, and conflict management.

Coaching for Retail Businesses

·         Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of retail business.

·         Changing basic assumptions: "evolving from fishermen to hunters."

·         Locating opportunities in each client interaction.

·         Developing "hunting" tools suited to each organization's needs.

Coaching for Managers—Developing Managerial Skills

·         Creating a plan for managers and group leaders, using an approach that treats the individual as a whole, and that allows for personal expression in the professional field.

·         Personal and group coaching to improve managerial and inter-personal skills.

·         Developing and leading creative workshops that teach managers how to develop innovative and resourceful thinking, and how to apply those skills in the workplace.

Coaching for Intercultural Encounters in Global, Multinational Organizations

·         Developing and leading programs on intercultural encounters for businesspeople.

·         Developing and leading personalized programs for leaders of inter-cultural dialogue groups.

·         Introducing Israeli culture and mores to people who plan to enter the Israeli business arena.

·         Carrying out quality research on the different cultural views of market potential.

Business Empowerment for Women—Breaking the Glass Ceiling

·         Developing a program for empowering women and female managers, giving the participants tools and knowledge to help them break the "glass ceiling."  In the process, they develop a feminist approach that emphasizes free choice and achieving a woman's full potential as a person, with her family, and in the business world.

תרגיל היכרות בסדנה לפיתוח מנהיגות נשית באשקלון

 Empowerment for women in the municipality of Ashkelon