Irit Dortal    

Areas of Expertise: personal and organizational coaching, designing and executing changes on the organizational level, intercultural coaching.


·         M.A. in Organizational Behavior (University of Tel Aviv)

·         B.A. in Education and Geography (BenGurionUniversity)

·         Course in Group Guidance (University of Tel Aviv)

·         Course in Interpersonal Guidance (University of Tel Aviv)

·         Course in Intercultural Guidance (ELKA, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee)



Distinguishing Characteristics: authenticity, optimism, loving people, creating trusting relationships, honesty and candor.

My Favorite Things: the ocean, nature, traveling around the world, reading books, personal stories.

Mottos: "positive thinking," "yes, it's possible," "people are people."

Community Service:

·         The motto influences decision-makers standing at the crossroads, and takes responsibility for the present and the future.  For example, the Israeli forum, which strengthens ties between Israel and the world.

·         Current Public Work:

o   Co-chairman of the 6th World Jewish Parliamentary Convention (January 2002)

o   Assistant chairman of the Israeli Forum.

o   Chairman of the 8th Moriah Conference—for Jewish leaders from around the world

o   Chairman of Project Lahbah—a meeting of Israeli and American youth



Nitza Laker  nitsa

Areas of Expertise: organizational diagnosis, building processes for change and intervention, personal and group advising for managers and organizational teams, managing and advancing community, educational and social projects, developing intercultural and multicultural understanding in organizations and in the community


·         B.A. in Humanities- General Literature and Philosophy (University of Tel Aviv)

·         M.A. in Educational Planning, Organization, and Management (HebrewUniversity of Jerusalem)

My Favorite Things: theater, film, literature

Mottos: "Life is prose, let's add a little poetry…", from "On Money, The Old Lady, Death, etc." by Willa Wiener: "The pantry, drawers, and closet stand and scream Moscow, Anivesky Street."



Tal Kuperman  tal

Areas of Expertise: business breakthrough coaching, specilizing in training of small and medium businesses , entrepreneurs and managers in organizations coaching, superviser for coachers, lecturer ,coaching and management workshops host.


                  • B.A. in Persuasive Communication, Specializing in Management. College of Management.
                  • Full course in coachers training, coaching academi.
                  • MASTER CLASS Workshop in coaching, coaching academi .
                  • supervising for coachers Workshop, coaching academi.

            main features : aspiring for excellence, combining spirituality and practicality.


My Favorite Things: Family , cooking , reading, friends and yoga

Mottos: "in the Encounter between the coacher and the coachee the spark that makes the impossible happen is creatred."



-member of the Israeli Coachers Chaimber

-Seven years of experience in sales and marketing, entrepreneurship and business establishment.

-management experience in the colinary area.


Simi Goren simi 


family economy coaching, implementation of strategic changes, development and empowerment of managers, process management in human resource development, organizational modeling esteblishment, internal corporate communication.



                  • Graduate programs in the behavioral sciences (Ben - Gurion)
                   B.A. in Sociology and Political Science (University of Haifa).
                   Human Resource Development and Training  Diploma(University of Leicester).
                   Public companies directors Course.
                  • Parental and school coaching course gradute, Adler Institute.
                   Coaching school graduate, Adler Institute.