Founded in 1988, Dortal-ID is a dynamic company devoted to organizational coaching and consulting.  We specialize in personal and organizational coaching, and in leading organizational transformations, with hands-on work throughout the development process.

From our beginning, the following basic principles have distinguished Dortal-ID's relationship to its clients: creativity, innovation, flexibility, engagement, attention to detail, and connecting the business world to personal vocation.  We uphold these ideals by respecting and loving other human beings.

The Dortal-ID team specializes in coaching and consulting in a number of fields, such as:

  • Coaching to enhance quality of service
  • Coaching for retail businesses
  • Coaching for managers—developing managerial skills
  • Coaching for intercultural encounters in global, multi-national organizations
  • Business empowerment for women—breaking the glass ceiling



Our Vision


To achieve personal and organizational goals through:


  • Creative thinking and adapting to the client's needs.
  • Involvement and personal responsibility to the consulting processes and its results.
  • Maintaining respect for others, and loving human beings.
  • Linking the "personal" and the "organizational", tying individual goals to organizational goals, connecting a business' characteristics to personal vocation.
  • Intra-organizational lessons: transmitting lessons learned from constant review and assessment.
  • Combining and sharing knowledge within the coaching team, via consistent enrichment and mutual communication.


Our Clients (Past and Present)


The HebrewUniversity


Clalit Health Services


United Health Services




Various Hospitals in israel


Law Offices


Nursing Schools


Mercantile Discount Bank


Union Bank


Medlab Biotronics


Bronfman Center


The Authority for the Advancement of the Status of Women


The Ministry of Defense


The Ministry of Health


The Ministry of Construction and Housing


The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption


The Prime Minister's Office


Israel Defense Forces (IDF)


El-Al Airlines


Municipalities: Herzliya, Modi'in, Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva, Or Yehuda, Gan Yavne, and more.


Local Council—Mate Binyamin, Gush Katif

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